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The school's fight song, "Onward Kennewick", is based upon the University of Wisconsin–Madison's fight song, (as well as the Wisconsin state song) "On, Wisconsin!", with the words 'Onward Kennewick' replacing 'On, Wisconsin', as well as minor changes in the lyrics, depending on whatever sport season it was. Otherwise, the song's lyrics are the same.

Onward Kennewick, onward Kennewick
Lions, fight for fame.
Pass the ball right down the field boys
Touchdown ev'ry time!
Onward Kennewick, onward Kennewick, Lions fight for fame.
Fight, Lions, fight-fight-fight
To win this game!
K! E! N! N! E! W! I! C! K!

We just added a NEW PAGE to the website. The page lists all the classmates that we can't find.
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Well, we had the 50th reunion and it was a HUGE success!
THANKS so very much to every one who attended.

And hats off to Lee Simmelink for putting on such a fantastic event: Lee spent countless hours over the past several years in attempting to make sure everything would be the best it could possibly be. Lee Simmelink personally actually ended up spending some amount of time (form half an hour or an hour up to several hours and in some cases the entire day) almost every single day for the past few years (not an exaggeration) trying to find classmates, trying to contact them by phone or email or U.S. Mail and then following up again and again and again. He literally left no stone unturned in attempting to make sure he did everything possible to locate every one in our class. If someone didn't answer an email he'd email them again. Or he'd search the Internet to try and find other contact information. If someone did not return a phone call he'd call again. If a classmate did not respond to emails or phone calls he'd send them a letter in the mail. And one by one he started to get responses and would hook up (hmmm, can you say that?) with every possible person in our class. THIS WAS A HUGE UNDERTAKING AND A THANKLESS JOB but you would never hear him complain. It seems like Lee just knows how to do things one way and that way is to do things to the VERY BEST OF HIS ABILITY.

Lee & Sharon Simmelink in front of the ice sculpture
that was created by Dale Haven

     So, one by one as Lee found classmates he would give them all the possible information about the reunion as well as where to stay and all kinds of additional help on anything and everything they might possibly need in order to make this a very very special event. In trying to make this event the best it could possibly be, some things that might have seemed to be simple projects turned out to be quite difficult. Setting up places where out of town classmates could stay and dine ended up taking dozens and dozens of phone calls, emails, letters and faxes as Lee wanted to make sure that nobody would be left without a place to stay, a place to dine and an over-all exceptional experience.. But often the companies he was dealing with would change the rules, change the allocated spaces, change the pricing, change the times and dates, change the menus and, well, it just seemed to become a never ending process. Seemed as though every time things looked as if they were getting "all set up" Lee would get another communication stating that something else was changing or no longer available or just not going to work after all. And in every case, instead of just saying "Oh well, nothing I can do", Lee would get on the phone and then, instead of casting blame or crying "foul!" he'd just just summon all of his energies and apply all his communications skills and by and by he'd do whatever it took to make any and all necessary changes to remedy the various situations.

     OK, so anyway maybe this just sounds like so much blah blah blah but I must truly say that I've been so amazed and maybe even taken aback with Lee Simmelink's efforts, ethics and his style of operation that I just felt as though I needed to mention it. Perhaps I could say that in our 50th reunion that Lee Simmelink showed me how to put the word "Class" in "Class Reunion". So hats off to you Lee and THANK YOU for making our 50th reunion such a special event.

Dan MacNeil  -  "the website Guy"

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     Since this is an ongoing project our website will likely always be under construction as we will be adding new information, photos and all kinds of goodies on a regular basis. Please feel free to send us any items you have that you'd like posted on the website. Any and all photos are welcome!


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